This is Charity Valley, at the foot of Markleeville Peak, adjacent to the Faith and Hope Valleys. These names were given by a Mormon party traveling over the Carson Pass trail on their return to Utah in 1857/58.

Over the crest of the Sierra Nevada and down the Eastside.

Some of the best fall foliage color in California (and Nevada) can be found on the east slope of the Sierra Nevada in October. It is also a month of fine weather, barring the occasional early winter storm, with clear blue skies and comfortable daytime temperatures. The Eastside scenery is also spectacular and offers great variety. And, if you stay out of the larger Nevada population centers, there is still plenty of the traditional western cutural landscape to be seen. When making my almost yearly trips "over the hill", I have usually taken California State Routes 88, 4, or 108, over Carson, Ebbitts, or Sonora Passes, respectively. I often get as far as Topaz in the Antelope Valley and Gardnerville in the Carson Valley in Nevada.