Welcome to the Great Valley Images gallery pages. These pages originated as an online gallery of landscape photographs of the southern Sacramento Valley where I have been living (and shooting) for the last thirty-five years. I have revamped those pages and at least half of the images are new additions. But I have added and will continue to add galleries of work from further afield in California and the West and even out of the country.

The galleries:

  1. Great Valley Images: Somewhat nostalgic images of the towns, farmlands, wetlands, and foothills on the western side of the southern Sacramento Valley. Most of these date from the 80's and 90's.
  2. University Farm to U.C. Davis: A teaching and research university's agricultural heritage.
  3. The U.C.Davis Arboretum: A photo gallery of a unique Valley landscape.
  4. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Photos of the Delta from 1974 to 2012.
  5. The Crest and East Side of the Sierra Nevada The search for Fall foliage color and a spectacular landscape (and a good Basque meal).
  6. Travels in the Sonoran Desert: Several spring trips to Arizona, Sonora, and Baja California.
  7. The Maritime Pages: Growing up near the shores of San Francisco Bay and a hitch in the Coast Guard have given me an interest in maritime life and work, as well as the natural setting. Here are images from the San Francisco Bay, Noyo harbor, Seattle, Vancouver and Dalmatia.

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